Adults Class

Adults Class

With the Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

we will help you achieve your goals whether that is getting into shape, elevating your mental strength or simply becoming a better you.

Jiu Jitsu has demonstrated to be crucial to individuals who have suffered from trauma. Sine Metu Jiu Jitsu is open to supporting all individuals that are seeking assistance in learning jiu jitsu to gain back control on their life.

More benefits!

  •  Beginners Classes
  •  Improve Your Fitness
  •  Build Your Confidence
  •  Learn Self Defense


Foundations class is for beginners of jiu jitsu. This will lay the ground work in understanding body movement, position awareness, and classes in Gi/No-Gi.

Blue belts and above are more than welcome to attend the foundations class to get a refresher on the basics.


Advance class is for blue belts and above. This builds on the foundation basics of standard positions and techniques. The advance class involves advance techniques and concepts.